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Oracle training conference - Journey to the cloud

Perhaps the greatest amusement of many would be how South Sudan would grow to be a great technology hub 

in the East African region after series of political instability witnessed in the past, creating a 

hostile environment for technological enhancements. But that should not the case anymore, thanks to Mading Roben Maluk,

an IT and Telecom specialist from South Sudan, currently based Juba.


 By interacting with him, you will be amazed by the diversity of his skills in the ICT world despite

 the unrest in his country. Mr. Maluk, CEO at Codelabs, is a fully experienced and innovative IT and Telecom professional 

 by specializing vastly in software engineering. He utilizes highly attuned analytical as well as technical skills to develop

 solutions to technical commercial quagmires as well as come up with IT and business strategies while employing cutting-edge technologies 

 to increase productivity thus providing technical business solutions.


 Mading has help trained thousands in the country, he was also the South Sudan's tech representative of during Global grand Challenges submit UK (London).

You would be amazed to interacting with him. 

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