We believe information technology is a tool for changing the world, therefore our core objective to bring that change into people's lives. South Sudan is still a developing country and its our responsive to educate the communities in which we do business.

No, you don't have to pay anything, codelabs does not charge for consultation firm. it is our duty to understand your technical needs and develop strategies on how to solve them.

You can buy both digital and physical products in South Sudan and anywhere in the world, all you need to have is the paypal, paytm and shrill account. we also accept international bank transfers to our registered company bank accounts. you can request our support team to help or send us an email at sales@codelabs.com.ss

Our practices are guarded by the law of south Sudan, we have no barrier if the client provides the necessary documents before we take any action, ethical hacking, digital forensics in regard the court cases, financial fraud etc.